Local Exchange Service

A) Non-Recurring Charges     Residence
  Connection of new or additional
Central Office lines, per service order
Initial Order   $42.00
    Subsequent Order   $20.00
  Moves or changes in existing service
and equipment or addition of new or
additional service and equipment other
than central office lines, per service order
  Presubscription Change (all switched network access) #      
  • Manual     $5.50
  • Electronic     $1.25
  # One-half of the intraLATA PIC change charge
will be waived when performed simultaneously
with an interLATA PIC change.
B) Monthly Recurring Charges     Residence
  1.) Monthly Recurring Flat Rate     $34.50
  2.) End User Access Line Charge     $3.50
  3.) Caller ID w/Number     $5.00
D) Return Check Charge, per occurrence     $30.00